About Mary Gillen

image of Mary GillenHi. I’m Mary Gillen. Glad you stopped by.

I am a website developer, writer, WCAG 2.2 A, AA & AAA accessibility auditor/remediator and technical trainer…all under one roof.

I have worked for myself since 1981. That’s over 40 years experience in freelance commercial/technical copy writing, graphics design, online marketing, website development and technical instruction development/presentation.

Web Development: 24 Years Programming Experience

I design and develop Web sites and applications that serve, including responsive, Section 508 & WCAG 2.1 A, AA & AAA-compliant, accessible and search engine-optimized Web sites. I am experienced in developing and producing Web-based content management systems that fit the work flows of organizations and give clients autonomy to control their own content. Over the years I have developed websites for large corporations, small startups, non-profits, associations, Federal government agencies and more. Clients include: National Institutes of Health, The World Bank, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Cancer Research Foundation of America, American Pharmacists Association, McKinsey & Company and many others. Responsive design, search engine optimization, 508-compliant and WCAG 2.1 standards (from A to AAA) are always applied.

Copy Writing: Since 1977

As we all know, copy writing is one of the most essential elements of effective online marketing and business communication. I have written hundreds of brochures, technical manuals, and Federal government RFP proposals. I also have lots of experience writing accessible content for the Web, and producing commercial business marketing copy for public and private organizations across the United States.

Technical Instructor: 8500 students Taught Since 1995

Classes Taught: Responsive Web Design, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, jQuery UI, XML, XSLT, SQL, JavaScript, 508-Compliance/WCAG 2.1 for Web Development, AJAX, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Writing for the Web, How to Create Accessible Web Sites, Website Accessibility Auditor: Learn How to Test Websites for Accessibility…Using Your Own Website courses.

Web Site Accessibility Analysis

You’ve heard that it’s important to have an accessible website. But what does that mean? Is it worth it? Will your organization get sued if your website is not accessible? Which guidelines apply to you and which can you ignore? There are two reasons why you should have a Web site that follows the WCAG 2.2 standards: 1) You will protect your organization from litigation and, 2) You will be able to offer your products and services to more people.

Are you a website owner? Need to know what you have to do with your site to make it compliant? Call me at 508-768-8418 or email me at mary@accessiblewebsiteservices.com to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation. I will have a look at your existing Web site and let you know how I can help you make it accessible to more people.

Technical Skills

Languages & Scripting Experience
HTML5, CSS3, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, XML

Operating Systems
Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

Assistive Technologies
JAWS, WindowEyes, ZoomText, VoiceOver, Dragon Naturally Speaking, NVDA

Servers & Databases
Apache Server, MySQL Server Administration

Trusted Tester Web Certification, HHS Office of Accessible Systems & Technology