A diagram that depicts a procedure or process is called a flowchart.

Another definition of a flowchart is a diagrammatic representation of an algorithm or a step-by-step process for addressing a problem.

Accessible Talking Flow Chart

How do you make this type of schematic accessible to the largest number of website visitors?

SOLUTION: Provide the information in different formats in addition to displaying the flow chart image:

1) Text Transcript – This text can be accessed by screen readers that describes the step-by-step process depicted in the flow chart graphic.

2) “Talking” Flow Chart – An audio file that can be played using an accessible audio player embedded on the website page. This means that people with low vision or who only use a keyboard to navigate a web page don’t have to use a screen reader to get to the information.

3) Audio in Different Languages – Offer the same “talking” flow chart information in different languages for customers and prospects in other countries.

To see these three solutions in action, visit the Talking Flow Chart page of Accessible Talking Charts.


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