Get an Accessibility Testing Coach: Learn How to Test Websites and Online Content for Accessibility

Illustration of tan umbrellaOnline Learning…with a Difference.

Are you a website developer, designer or content creator who needs to get up and running quickly on the basic rules of website accessibility and how it all relates to your website and its content?

Or maybe you already know the web design accessibility basics, but are stumped on how to fix your website and content so all is compliant.

Wouldn’t it be more practical if you could “learn by doing”…as in figuring out what needs to be fixed on your own website/content while you learn the WCAG 2.2 A, AA & AAA Guidelines?

Now you can.

Get an Accessibility Testing and Remediation Coach

Meet with Mary Gillen online for a series of one-on-one sessions to learn essential design, coding, and testing procedures you need to know to be sure your own website and its content is accessible to as many people as possible. Mary can help you learn how to test and remediate your own website and content for accessibility, based on the WCAG 2.2 Standards…Levels A, AA & AAA.

Contact Mary at 508-768-8418 or via email to set up an initial phone consultation so we can figure out what you need to know.