ACCESSIBLE LEARNING: How to Convert Handwritten Math to Accessible Formats

Illustration of math formulas and diagrams

Students who study math, chemistry or physics create lots of handwritten notes.

How can instructors help make math and STEM information more accessible and engaging for every student, breaking away from pen and paper as the only option?

Here are two tools that can help.


EquatIO allows you to create equations, formulas, and more…digitally.

EquatIO gives students the opportunity to speak, draw or type problems and equations directly onto their devices. By moving to digital instruction, EquatIO makes math more accessible. Students with learning difficulties or visual impairments can hear their math read aloud to them.

Using the mobile version, students can take a photograph of written work and create a digital document.

Students and educators can also create and customize graphs with EquatIO. Powered by Desmos graphing calculator, EquatIO helps students to visualize and explore a written equation.

EquatIO is available as a Chrome extension, Web app or as a desktop app for either Windows or Mac. Try EquatIO free here.

The EquatIO premium subscription is also free for K-12 teachers. Apply for the subscription here.


Mathpix helps students convert images and PDFs to LaTeX, DOCX, Overleaf, Markdown, Excel, ChemDraw and more, with an AI-powered document conversion technology.

Mathpix equation shown on mobile phone and desktop devices

Mathpix Snip Editor converts scientific PDFs to editable formats like MS Word, HTML, Markdown, and LaTeX fast.

  • Works on PDFs containing math, tables, and figures
  • Works on 2-column PDFs
  • Optimized for scientific papers
  • Edit files in-app or export to your favorite tool
  • Converts PDFs to screenreader accessible Word documents

Mathpix Snip is available for Mobile Phones & Tablets (iOS & Android), Desktop Systems (MacOS, Windows and Linux) and as a Web app (Snip Notes). A free version is available for educators. STEM professionals can purchase access to MathPix for $4.99 per month. An account for multiple users (departments, schools and companies) is available for $9.99 a month.

An API MathpixOCR is also available for developers who wish to to integrate OCR capabilities into their own applications.

Find out more about Mathpix here.

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