ACCESSIBLE WEBSITES: Test for These 10 Common Failures

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In the Search Engine Land article The cost of ignoring website accessibility, author George Nguyen writes,

“Non-compliant sites are vulnerable to lawsuits, but SEOs can help protect them by advocating for accessibility, which can serve both differently-abled audiences as well as your business goals. When sites aren’t accessible, they are not only going to lose out on potential conversions from differently-abled users, but they also become vulnerable to legal action.”

Common factors site owners can get sued over

He cites the following common factors as part of the lawsuits many clients face:

  • A drop-down menu wasn’t fully keyboard-accessible due to some JavaScript.
  • Insufficient text/background contrast.
  • Site text was not scaleable.
  • Image alt text wasn’t unique.
  • Menu navigation did not properly support screen readers.
  • There were no “skip navigation” options for screen readers.
  • Password requirements did not support screen readers.
  • Actions, like adding a product to cart, weren’t designed to support screen readers.
  • PDF content was not able to be read in HTML format.
  • Phone number on the website lacked a full description, potentially barring users from understanding what the number is for.
  • Site information, such as the company address and hours of operation, were not labeled.

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