QUESTION: How Accessible is Your On-Hold Messaging?

On Hold 3d words for waiting for assistance, help or service with great frustration

Frank Pival puts people on hold for a living.

And he is concerned that an important part of the population is being left out: those who are deaf and use assistive technology to make phone calls.

His company, Never Alone on Hold, writes and records customized messages for companies to play while their customers are waiting for a “live” voice to take the call.

“Even a small company handles a significant volume of calls, and a majority of those incoming calls experience on-hold time. If you are simply using music to entertain your prospects and customers while they are on hold, then you are missing a major opportunity to educate folks about your business and everything you can do to help,” Pival says.

Is your business really inclusive, providing the same info for all?

“You are also missing out on the chance to engage deaf or hearing-impaired individuals who can’t hear music, but can read the on-hold messages via their assistive technology apps,” said Pival. “Last time I heard, everybody’s money spends the same. You are missing out on new or increased business if you are excluding folks with hearing disabilities.”

Example: Dental practices

Because a dental practice is usually a busy place, many patients and prospects are placed on hold every business day. Pival’s own father was a successful Seattle-based dentist for over 40 years. The dentist who bought his father’s practice eventually learned about NAOH services and now employs on-hold messaging as part of a marketing tool and an educational program that is inclusive for all.

Listen to some of Frank Pival’s NAOH dental practice education oh-hold message samples. You can also read the text transcripts that match the audio.

“All your customers are the best resource for new business, so you should make the most of their on-hold time by educating them about your products and services…everything you can do to help,” said Pival.

It’s all about intention

“A well-crafted on-hold messaging program enhances your professionalism and shows your intention to provide the same information to all who call,” said Pival. “Every phone call with your customers is an opportunity to market your business. You can drive traffic to your website and social media channels. You can also promote additional products and services that everyone understands.”

Need to make your on-hold messaging accessible to all? Visit Frank’s Never Alone on Hold website to find out more.


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