ACCESSIBLE DESIGN: Make Your Mobile Buttons More Accessible for Color Blind Users

Cartoon of seven human hands holding mobile phones

In the article 5 Techniques to Make Mobile Call to Action Buttons Intuitive, author Anthony has a suggestion on how to make your buttons more accessible to color blind users.

“Color blind users won’t be able to tell the difference between the weight of buttons. They need something more than color to serve as a visual cue.”

Including an icon on the checkout button helps the color blind user better understand the Call to Action

“Giving the high priority action an icon adds the extra emphasis to set it apart,” he writes. ” When users scan, they often fixate on visual elements more than text. The icon ensures that all users will pay more attention to the high priority action than the other ones. If you removed the color and label, users would still be able to recognize the checkout button. The icon communicates checkout as well as the text does.”

Read more tips at 5 Techniques to Make Mobile Call to Action Buttons Intuitive.


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